Best Salmon Kebab Best Salmon Kebab

There are a lot of recipes for salmon kebabs out there, but I guarantee you , that you will love this one, just give it a try :) Time :...

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3:09 PM

Kebab Georgia Kebab Georgia

Skill Level: Intermediate Time : 1:00 Servings : 10-12   Ingredients: Spare ribs --- 6 lbs red wine vinegar , if desired --- ...

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2:37 PM

Kebab Tbilisi Kebab Tbilisi

Well, we got our first submission for an August contest. This recipe is for a Georgian style kebab. We are talking about Georgia as a count...

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12:21 AM

Lulya Kebab Lulya Kebab

Lulya kebab is an awesome dish. For anyone interested in the art of making kebabs, it is a must to try at least once. It is absolutely deli...

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10:06 PM

Ferganskiy Plov - Traditional Uzbek Pilaf Ferganskiy Plov - Traditional Uzbek Pilaf

Plov ( Pilaf) is one of my favorite rice dishes. This is something you absolutely have to try. The recipe was given to me by a neighbor from...

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10:11 AM
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