Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 1:00
Servings: 10-12
Spareribs --- 6 lbs
red wine vinegar, if desired --- 200 ml
onion to taste
salt to taste
Pita bread 

1. Cut spareribs into equal pieces (each
should be one rib and a bit of fat).
Georgians believe that
nice fresh meat without the need for pickling, but
if you wish, make a marinade from good wine vinegar, onions
chopped into half rings , salt and black pepper , put your ribs
in the marinade and cover with a lid. Leave refrigerated for 1-6 hours

2 . Take the skewers are wide and flat , so the meat would be easier to cook evenly .
 Strung meat sothat it was going along the skewer , not hanging from it. Pieces of eachrib should be the same size and quality tocook evenly.


3 . Light the coals in the grill - they should turn over with whiteash. Place the skewers about 5-6 inches from the coals andcook , do not forget to turn them often . 15 minutes for completeroasting of fresh meat is enough - then itwill begin to char .

4 . In a large bowl, coarsely chop the onion , take some Pita bread
 and use it to take your ribs from hot barbecue skewers ,sprinkling onions - it will absorb the taste of meat and becomes a separate snack.


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